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Located in the stunning coastal area of Burnham – on – Sea in Somerset is the holiday town of Brean. On the 22nd of march 2024 it is expected that dozens of land yachting enthusiasts will be rushing to this previously quiet town to see the British land Yachting Championships return!

When the race starts, you can expect to see these yachts reach speeds of up to 55 or even 60MPH as the coastal winds project them along the beach. This dangerous sport is the definition of who dares wins.

This sport has quite the history in Brean with the earliest records dating back to around 1920. In these times the land yachts were made from pieces of World War 1 aircraft. All these years later and Brean still has its famous land yachting club.

Interestingly land yachting was also one of the first sports that men and women could compete in with completely equal terms making this sport a true staple in the fight for equality between the sexes. The performance of one of these yachts comes from 3 things, skill, technique and feeling the yacht move around you.

This event is the ideal spectator sport for all the family. This wholesome event that made light of the dark and aided in breaking down gender stereotypes is returning. Make sure you head down to Brean for the 22nd of march to catch a glimpse of these amazing crafts.

The April Show is an event held by Surf Bay Leisure between the 10th and 12th of April. This event is the caravan and lodge show, we host this event to allow people that are due an upgrade or wish to make their first purchase have a look around and ask questions in a stress-free environment.
Individuals are given the opportunity to not only look and ask about caravans but also speak to park owners. This allows buyers to make an informed choice around the lifestyle they will lead for the next 10 -15 years. 
Decking for your static caravan can be made from a few different materials but no matter the material they are all made to a high standard. The standards for decking especially around statics need to be high as these homes away from home can take a serious beating by the weather, especially on the southwestern coast.
Here at Surf Bay Leisure, we are excited to be hosting another April show and it is right around the corner! Head down with the family to see the latest and greatest from our three manufacturers (ABI, Swift and Atlas) and maybe find your new holiday home.
What is the lifespan of a Static Caravan?

The lifespan of a Static Caravan can vary, however, like with most things if it is looked after and properly maintained then you could expect the static caravan to reach up to 30 or more years on private land. Parks will generally ask for it to be upgraded around the 15-year mark to keep the park looking appealing and safe.
What is the ideal location? This varies from person to person, but it is important to consider what makes a holiday special to you, is it being near stunning coastlines like you might find in Tintagel or would you prefer to be surrounded by the countryside like you might find near Winkleigh. Luckily if you enjoy both these things then the Southwest has it covered. The sea and countryside are never more than a 30-minute drive away from each other. 
Devons Marine Life

If you enjoy the wonders of the natural world then this is the blog for you! Lets explore the weird and wonderful things that you could encounter beneath the picturesque waves this summer.
Winter storms have been relentless across Devon and Cornwall over the last few months, and this was followed by a vicious tide that has now exposed a slice of history previously hidden beneath the waves. The wreck of the three ships is a stern reminder of the perils that sailors of the past had to undertake. The ships in question all sank around 130 years ago and their stories are etched into the sands of Carbis Bay.
The Eden Sessions

Cornwall is known for its stunning natural landscapes, but did you know that Cornwall also has a massive music scene? Cornwall has always been a big place for music and some of the earliest discovered ‘dance music’ manuscripts were believed to be from around 1750 – 1850. It is believed that this music spanned the classes and was generally enjoyed by all.