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Is static caravan decking durable?

Decking for your static caravan can be made from a few different materials, but no matter the material, they are all made to a high standard. The standards for decking especially around statics need to be high as these homes away from home can take a serious beating by the weather, especially on the southwestern coast.

The materials used vary depending on location and desired effect, if you went for a treated timber decking you would end up with a more natural look, ideal for quiet spots in the countryside. The other popular one is composite decking, this type of decking allows for durability with low maintenance, it is made from a mixture of wood fibers and plastics. 

How much is static caravan decking?

The cost of decking can vary depending on the material used and is normally priced per m2. You must remember to take the prices given with a pinch of salt as they have been worked out as an average, so cost may vary depending on factors such as area, size, and manufacturer. Aluminium is around £200 per m2, Timber – Hardwood is around £92.50 per m2, Timber – Softwood is around £40 per m2, uPVC is around £12 per m2 and finally Composite is around £70 per m2. The average cost to put decking around a static caravan is around £6000.00. 

How long does it take to install?

It may surprise you to hear that putting the decking up does not take very long at all. Installing the decking only takes around one or two days depending on the weather. Once you have paid for your decking the longest wait is the delivery.

Do all parks allow me to have decking?

Not all parks allow decking and you should always ask the park owner before ordering decking for your static caravan. Some parks will allow you to have it but only from select vendors or they have requirements on length and depth of decking. Other parks are more relaxed on this matter and will allow you to go with any brand and style that your heart desires. Like we stated above it is always important to check with the park owner before placing your order. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Caravan Decking?

Like with anything, there are Pros and Cons, so let's get the bad bit out of the way as there is only one major drawback and that’s the fact that it can get very expensive very quickly, The Pros are that it adds to the holiday experience and can transform the outside of the static caravan, adding a new level of style, comfort, and sophistication. 

Who do we work with?

Here at Surf Bay Leisure, we work with a company called Fitrite. Fitrite has a competitive 10-year warranty on its decking as well as offers a free survey to ensure that your purchase goes through hassle-free. The decking they offer is of high quality and is grippy in all conditions without feeling rough. If you are looking to get decking for your home away from home, then call the number below. 

Fitrite contact details:

Number: 0808 304 4402


Or For the southwest sales manager contact Emma Harrison

Number: 07929 718 548


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