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Do you need a TV Licence to watch your favourite programmes in your Holiday Home? Sat, 29th Jul 17

Now is the time you could all be setting off to spend some quality time with your family in your Holiday Home; and if your children are like my children, or even if your Mum is like my Mum, they will not want to miss out on their favourite TV programs while they are away. Even if the sun is blazing down, and the beach is looking really inviting, they will still want to watch TV.

So do you need a separate TV License to cover your Holiday Home? - usually you don't - especially if you are watching on your phone, tablet etc that has it's own batteries and does not need to be attached to an external aerial. But if you want to make sure check out the TV Licensing Website . You may just have to fill out a Declaration Form to say that you are not watching a TV at your Home and in your Holiday Home at the same time.

But as dear old Dad would say "It's better to be safe than sorry!"