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Just where do you store everything in a caravan?

If you are anything like me whatever space you have you will manage to fill. So how do you manage to store everything you need for holidaying or living in a static caravan? 

Well, first bit of advise for those of you who are holidaying, comes from my better half, who always tells me to pack half as many clothes and twice as much money as you first thought (and he is usually right!).  But seriously, looking at some of the practical solutions to storage in static caravans these days I have listed my favourites below:-

  • Vacuum Bags - they come in all shapes and sizes to suit clothes and bedding and can be stored dust & moisture free in all the out of the way places - under the beds; at the bottom of the wardrobe or on the highest shelves that normally only collect dust. (Just Google them if you haven't come across them yet)
  • Next - get yourself some multi - hangers so that you can hang more than 1 item on each hook. Great for shirts, trousers, skirts etc.
  • Another good idea is a box footstool - great if you have children for storing toys, games, books and DVDs etc.
  • I've also found (in a specialist camping outlet) caravan shoe organisers - these have pockets and a zip front to stop things falling out. I use mine to store shoes, cleaning materials etc. All the things you don't want on the floor creating a trip hazard.
  • Finally I find having a glass cover over the hob is great for creating extra worktop space when you are not cooking in the kitchen.

If any of you have any other bright ideas for storage, do let me know. You can add any useful ideas in the Comment box below.