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Introducing the Royan for 2024!


What is the Royan? The Royan is the latest edition to the swift family sitting just below the Loire, this affordable van gives buyers a nice entry point into the new caravan market. You might be wondering what makes this van stand out, well at a glance you get the standard 4 burner gas hob, gazunder bed, a wardrobe, large front window feature, L shaped sofa and over head bedroom storage.  


So why should you buy it?



Whilst the van isn’t a standout showstopper at a glance with its fairly standard features, you begin to understand the benefits of this van when you start to look deeper. Let’s look at this vans technical specifications to gain a better picture.

We will be starting with the Fusion galvanised chassis, these chassis are tough and work by supporting the weight of the unit on sectional formed main steel beam with lateral steel supports coming off of it that are riveted into place, after this we then we move onto the shell.

Bonded sandwich exterior wall, these walls are constructed using three different layers, these layers consist of an outer layer in this case the cladding, the middle layer consisting of insulation materials and then the interior layer which is made from the panelling found in most static caravans.

After this we move onto the Coated steel pantile roof, pantile roofs are tiles that overlap each other to increase water flow off the roof and dampen the rain noise. Due to the shape and angle of these they are also massive players in the insulation game being designed in such a way that as the hot air rises it becomes hard for it to escape until it cools.

Finally on the externals of the van we have the low energy lighting that allows you to see the doors and the outside of the van clearly when the weather is less than ideal, or it has become nighttime. These bulbs are low energy and efficient, so you do not need to worry about them breaking the bank.



Like in most modern static caravans it has the creature comforts that you have begun to expect, you have been spoiled since the vans of the early 2000s and the late 90s. For the interior we will start in the kitchen as that’s where coming through the main door will leave you.

The kitchen is coming with many comforts that you many even find in you home like the externally vented stainless steel cooker hood, sleek handle-less kitchen units to the ceiling in ‘Tisano’ with stylish ‘Porcelain’ door, dining table with freestanding bench seating and seating cushions and a space for a fridge freezer to go in. All of this allows for stunning home cooked meals away from home and with the nice spacious counter tops cooking away from home can be stress free.


Now we head to the lounge

The lounge on the Royan is designed to be spacious and allow for the entire family to bundle in for the fun. The living area in this van is kitted out with a large front window offering panoramic views across the countryside or coastline, coffee table, Stylish media unit with in a Dust Grey feature panel, DVD position with drawer and TV point with Co-Ax and 240V socket this area will allow you to run everything from the TV to the surround sound never missing out on another movie moment and finally this van comes with a spacious L shaped sofa with a pull out bed.

With the double bed, the two twins and the pull out bed the Royan can comfortably sleep six people.


Bathroom break

In the main bathroom you will find a shower cubicle with thermostatic shower, Dual flush toilet, and a vanity mirror with a shelf. This is standard bathroom I accept but there isn’t much if any need to revolutionise the toilet.

The Bedroom

The Royan provides a nice comfortable experience with its Cignus mattress on all the beds providing excellent cushioning for a restful, peaceful night’s sleep for everyone this mattress sits upon a lift up frame allowing for lots of convenient storage in the bedroom when you partner this with its very spacious wardrobe, bed side cupboards and overhead storage then there isn’t much in the way of storage restrictions.


In conclusion the Royan is the perfect starting point for a family looking to get on the static caravan property ladder. With its affordability, stylish features and spacious living area it really is the ideal family home away from home.


Royan option extras:

• ‘Environmental Green’ aluminium

exterior with ‘Anthracite’ window


• ‘Anthracite’ window frames

• Freestanding microwave

• Freestanding fridge freezer

• Pull out sofa bed

• Wireless programmable room


• Bluetooth® audio connection to

lounge ceiling speakers

• Coffee table with upholstered

fabric stools

• Curtain voiles to lounge and


• Lift up double bed in main bedroom

• TV point and booster in main

bedroom with additional USB

sockets throughout

• Shaver socket in main bathroom

• Bathroom extractor fan


The April Show is an event held by Surf Bay Leisure between the 10th and 12th of April. This event is the caravan and lodge show, we host this event to allow people that are due an upgrade or wish to make their first purchase have a look around and ask questions in a stress-free environment.
Individuals are given the opportunity to not only look and ask about caravans but also speak to park owners. This allows buyers to make an informed choice around the lifestyle they will lead for the next 10 -15 years. 
Decking for your static caravan can be made from a few different materials but no matter the material they are all made to a high standard. The standards for decking especially around statics need to be high as these homes away from home can take a serious beating by the weather, especially on the southwestern coast.
Here at Surf Bay Leisure, we are excited to be hosting another April show and it is right around the corner! Head down with the family to see the latest and greatest from our three manufacturers (ABI, Swift and Atlas) and maybe find your new holiday home.
What is the lifespan of a Static Caravan?

The lifespan of a Static Caravan can vary, however, like with most things if it is looked after and properly maintained then you could expect the static caravan to reach up to 30 or more years on private land. Parks will generally ask for it to be upgraded around the 15-year mark to keep the park looking appealing and safe.
What is the ideal location? This varies from person to person, but it is important to consider what makes a holiday special to you, is it being near stunning coastlines like you might find in Tintagel or would you prefer to be surrounded by the countryside like you might find near Winkleigh. Luckily if you enjoy both these things then the Southwest has it covered. The sea and countryside are never more than a 30-minute drive away from each other. 
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