Coming up for Christmas thoughts turn to traditional games to play with all the family. While the endless apps on everyone's phone or tablet offers colour, sound and movement it is still rather an "individual" pursuit.

If you are off to your own holiday home or if you are taking the family away for the festive season - why not take a fresh look at the good old fashioned pack of cards. There are loads of games to play to suit all the family - plus it is a fun way for children to cement their number bonds. As an ex maths teacher who had a whole class playing cards during an OFSTED inspection I can thoroughly recommend it as a teaching aid :-

  • Spatial awareness - how do you see numbers in your head? As the written number or as the arrangement of spots on a card? Children can more easily add groups of objects if they are arranged in the familiar groups of dots on playing cards.
  • Tellling the time - Clock patience reinforces the arrangement of numbers on a clock face.
  • 21's or Pontoon - Great for adding numbers to 21 (You can always make it 10's for younger members of the family)

There are loads of games out there and you only need to pack one small box of cards! 

What is your favourite card game?  Let us know by commenting below.

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