I am amazed at all the different reasons people buy a Static Caravan - they are becoming so warm, comfortable and spacious now that they are like second homes. Several people are considering them as a definite possibility to retire into; or as a home-base in the UK leaving them time and funds to explore the rest of the world.

Some just buy them as a temporary measure while building their dream home; or as a "Staff Room" for their employees.

Lots of people, of course, buy them to site on the Holiday Park of their choice to spend idyllic family holidays. Plus they have the opportunity of letting it out when the family are not using it.  However, looking at other people's blogs - I find that the top request from Holiday Makers to Caravan Owners - is please leave a spare LOO ROLL! It is nearly always something you forget to pack and certainly something you can't do without.

Perhaps you could leave them a CROSSWORD LOO ROLL - to start their relaxing holiday in your Home from Home.

I'd be interested to know a) How you use your caravan? and/or b) What do you leave in your caravan to welcome your guests?  

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